Podcast Recording & Editing

Need to record a podcast, or maybe a face to face or telephone interview, or any spoken word recording and don’t have the time to travel to a professional recording studio?

Audio Advantage now has the ability to record quality audio at your office, board room, home or any other suitable recording environment around Brisbane – perhaps even a quiet space at your local hall or library.

We have over 20 years’ experience in sound recording and editing, and we can tailor a package to suit your budget. Contact us today to find out more.

Record, Edit & Mix

We can record, edit and mix your podcast in our well-equipped studio in Paddington, Brisbane.

Choose a Location

We can record your podcast in your office, board room, or suitable location (additional rates apply) we then edit and mix in our Paddington studio.

Record via Mobile Phone or Skype

We can record an interview via mobile phone or Skype if any of your network connections can’t be onsite.


We use our professional grade audio equipment to record your audio, either in our recording studio or at your premises. After you’ve done the recording, we take the audio files and edit together the final podcast, removing any unwanted audio.

We then finalise your audio files ready for you to upload to your podcast server.


Barry.Nilsson. engaged John and the Audio Advantage team in September 2018 to help establish the firm’s very first podcast, and he’s been an absolute dream to work with ever since. Being novice podcasters, we’ve heavily relied on John’s expertise and advice, and he hasn’t disappointed. He’s been nothing but helpful, flexible and patient while we’ve navigated our way through the first few episodes, and he’s managed to make us sound like real podcasters! I can’t recommend John and Audio Advantage highly enough.

Sample of Podcast Work

Please have a listen to the current series we are recording and editing called The Checkup, a medico-legal podcast hosted by National Law Firm, Barry.Nilsson.