Professional Audio Restoration and Clean Up Service

John has worked in various areas of audio, most notably in the 1980s at Channel 9 (Brisbane) recording and mixing television programs as well as television & radio commercials for local and national programs. In 1994 John was offered a senior audio engineer position at BTQ Channel 7 (Brisbane) and progressed to the position of Audio Supervisor at BTQ from 1999 to 2003.

In 2003 John left to set up his audio company – Audio Advantage – which is currently still operating.

John has assisted legal firms in Brisbane and interstate around Australia with audio restoration and clean up services for real estate disputes, workplace and industrial disputes and divorce matters.


We use 3 different types of software to try and restore and clean up audio recordings so they are more audible. The software programs are called Pro Tools, iZotope (pronounced i-zo-tope) and Audacity. The process is to first remove as much background noise as possible, then increase the audio levels to a suitable listening level.

Depending on how bad the original recording is, this will determine how successful the restoration and clean-up will be.

Audio Restoration & Clean Up for:

  • Industrial Disputes

  • Real Estate Disputes

  • Medical Disputes

  • Real Estate Video Productions

  • Legal Transcriptions

Sample of Noise Reduction & Clean Up